Construction services we provide

As a construction company, we specialize in commercial building construction and refurbishments, residential construction, remodeling and repairs, and smaller civil contracts.

Our services begin from the moment you request a quote from us, when our quantity surveyor estimates a cost of your project. As general contractors, our services are vast. Our directors, contract manager and foremen manage each project by overseeing the building site, continually doing quality-control and managing the project schedule.

We also purchase and transport materials, create foundations, do masonry work, build ceilings, partitions and roofs, paint, tile, install carpets, build fences and pave. Of course we also employ subcontractors to do plumbing, electrical work, and other furnishings. Read more on our website!

How we work

  • 1. Before building begins:

    Quantity Surveying: our quantity surveyor prepares quotes based on client project needs. He takes into consideration the cost of materials and labor to give an estimated cost of a project. This allows you to make an informed decision of whether you would like to enter into a contract with us.

  • 2. The process of building the project:

    General construction: General construction (also known as main construction) is the process of overseeing and managing a construction site and the workers active on it, including subcontractors.

    General construction also involved the important role of communicating with all relevant parties (clients, contract managers, material suppliers, subcontractors and workers). Our project managers oversee project schedules, building sites and building quality.

    General construction is further divided into many sub-categories. The following list includes the services that we provide as general contractors.

    • Commercial Building Construction: we build new commercial buildings from the ground up
    • Residential Home Builder: we build residential homes from the ground up
    • Renovation/Remodeling: we are able to repair, make home improvements and alterations and alter the structure of a commercial or residential building.
    • Construction Management: our directors, contract manager and foremen all play a role in construction management. Construction management includes overseeing the planning and execution of a construction plan by making regular site visits, communicating with the client and workers, doing quality control and ensuring a time schedule is followed.
    • Supply of materials: we purchase and transport all materials required for your construction project
    • Masonry Contractor: we build structures through stonework, such as building brick walls and constructing walls from concrete blocks
    • Roofing contractor: we construct and waterproof roofs on all our buildings
    • Ceiling & Partitioning Contractor: We build ceilings and partitions
    • Concrete Contractor: we pour the foundations for new buildings or building additions
    • Painting: all painting is done by our employees
    • Tiling and carpeting: depending on your needs, we tile (add tiles) floors and bathrooms, or fit carpets into buildings
    • Paving: we lay paving outside buildings we construct
    • Building fences: we install fences around the properties we develop

    In addition, we make use of subcontractors for the following services:

    • Plumbing
    • Electrical work
    • Installing kitchen units
    • Installing bathroom units
    • Installing built-in cupboards
    • Installing doors, door frames and windows

    Shopfitting & Tenant Installations

  • 3. When the building is completed:

    Once your building is completed (either constructed, refurbished or repaired), we ensure that you, our client, are 100% satisfied with the product. This is an important aspect of our excellent client service.

As a medium-sized enterprise, our main services include commercial construction and refurbishments; residential, remodeling and repairs, and smaller civil contracts.

As main building contractors, we take all the work from your hands and manage the entire project, from groundwork to furnishings. With our average of 50 full-time employees (meet them here!), your project is in capable hands. And for services we cannot provide directly, we will source a local subcontractor. We always work with the best local subcontractors to fulfill our promise of excellent quality.

The process of constructing a commercial building, or building a house, is often much lengthier than customers initially realize because some services occur before or after the actual construction process. Our services extend from the moment a client contacts us until after the project is completed.